Public Health 2.0: Re-Mixing Public Health Narrative Report

About a month ago I posted the presentation below on social media and public health. I’ve had quite a few requests to do more than provide a powerpoint so I’ve put together a very rough draft of a descriptive report on the presentation. My plan is to dig deeper into the content and do more analysis with some scenarios around concrete problems where we could apply these tools in a more robust way as well as to do some thinking about what social media means for health politics and policy innovation. Keep in mind that the report is merely a descriptive overview or scan at the moment. I welcome feedback and anyone with interesting case studies or experiences with the tools in both domestic and global health settings should feel free to share. You’ll note that the mobile health section is incredibly brief, but this is not an indication of my level of interest in the field as numerous posts on this blog indicate. I’m particularly interested in the emerging discussion on cloud computing and how this could play out in the health arena over time.  I’m also doing quite a bit of consulting in this area so if you know of any organizations that are in need of help on the open innovation, social media and health front please feel free to contact me.

One thought on “Public Health 2.0: Re-Mixing Public Health Narrative Report

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