End of the “health consumer” part deux

IDEO founder Tim Brown has a post today on “A Post Consumption Economy” that amounts to his reflection on the current economic crisis driven by a drop in consumption on one hand, and forms of consumption that are destructive to the environment, on the other hand. There are tons of these types of analyses floating about on any given day now with lots of ideas about what’s coming next. His piece emphasizes the need to think about what we measure economically. I actually think it is much deeper than this –the neoliberal paradigm that has governed how we think about who we are, what gets valued and how, or the “art of government” for the past 2-3 decades is in the process of being reconfigured. This is going to present tremendous opportunities for some and will be disastrous for others. While we may not see substantive health reform anytime soon we will see the effects of this transition in terms of what questions we’re permitted to ask and the frameworks from which we can base answers. Just look at the tremendous shift that has taken place in this respect since September ’08. A new assemblage of norms and forms is emerging and I’m not ready yet to just jump on simple explanations about values and measures. I suspect there are some emerging properties around the concepts of “biocitizenship” and “technological citizenship” in the context of a new regime of economic thinking is going to play out in interesting ways. And heres more from the post-consumption files today. And try this Twitter feed on the latest post-bubble signals.


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