Eric Lewis, jazz, innovation, transpositions

This week I came across the Ted Talk with jazz musician, Eric Lewis. It’s quite an interesting interview. The connections with the themes here in terms of assemblages and transpositions (which is what I almost named this blog due to the way we can use the concept of transpositions as it is used in music (above), genetics and ethico-political thought. Re-organizing components of an assemblage (thought) and “expression” in the Spinozan/Deleuzian sense. In order to transform the world that we experience we’re going to need more than the simple innovations we are accustomed to hearing. To move things beyond what the date September 11, 2001 means for how we treat the bodies of prisoners, think about Islam and security or to move beyond our current “shock and awe” of the past six months of financial armageddon, we might see new opportunities if we think differently and re-interpret our experiences. I think there are rich insights from listening to Eric Lewis and how he ‘thinks’, expresses music–we might do the same with how we ‘think’ innovation and develop a conceptual vocabulary for getting there. We won’t get there in a simple “brainstorming” session or market research, PR approach or just putting 2.0 or 3.0 after the subject. I think we need to appreciate the time it takes to think and that thinking is difficult. Makes me think we need more Slow Money. If a lot of smart folks created the banking crisis and haven’t stopped chronic diseases from growing, etc. maybe we need to think in different, smarter ways. Who knows, maybe we’ll even save money, make money and do something good in the long run.


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