Tweets of the day for January 27, 2009


-The Pump Handle on the need for a better public health infrastructure: I’d add a few notes on innovation as well 
-Gotta love Blago: 
-The Edge has a discussion with Nassim Taleb of Black Swan fame: 
-How to think about access to drugs and techs in developing countries: 
-Review of Against Intellectual Monopoly (on IPR):
-Simon Schama on the significance of Barack Hussein Obama: 
-Review of Gwen Ifill’s new book: 
-Universal healthcare in the US and China? 
-RT @bmarler ‘s new foodsafetynews twitter feed: 
-Which way to universal care, Woolhandler and Kirsch: 
-Data points from Chris Albon for those interested in emerging biosecurity paradigms: 
-Imagine another financial system where mobiles, alt exchanges, etc. drive disruptive innovation: 
-10 things you can do about the war in the DRC via Maneno: 
-William Easterly on how he plans to do his blog on development aid: 
-Crack babies: the epidemic that wasn’t: 
-Map of US Govt. secrets: 
-Can drug donations be done right? 

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